IEC TR 62380 Failure Rates

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IEC TR 62380 (formerly RDF 2000)

RDF 2000 is a reliability data handbook, reference UTE C 80-810, that provides failure rates for electronic equipment. Other sources of failure rate data are RAC Prism, Telcordia SR-332 and the MIL-217 reliability prediction handbook.

The RDF 2000 reliability prediction method considers the effects of phased mission profiles on operating and non-operating components. The RDF 2000 reliability prediction method accounts for the effects of both ambient temperature variation and equipment switch on and switch off temperature variations on the component failure rate. RDF 2000 also predicts infant mortality and wear-out periods.

Reliability data contained in the handbook originates mainly from field data operating in the following environments:

  • Ground, stationary, weather-protected
  • Ground, stationary, non-weather-protected
  • Airborne, inhabited, cargo
  • Ground, non-stationary, moderate

Isograph’s Reliability Workbench computer program allows you to build reliability prediction models based on this standard. Reliability Workbench also allows you to integrate prediction methods with failure mode and effect analysis, reliability block diagram analysis, maintainability prediction, fault tree analysis, event tree analysis and Markov analysis. For more information visit Isograph’s web site at

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